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Electronix 80's Synth Tribute act

Electronix 80's Synth Tribute act

Electronix 80’s Synth Tribute act specialise in all the 80’s Electronic & Synth Pop classics from iconic artists such as OMD, Human League, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Visage, Yazoo, Erasure, Howard Jones and many more. We are available for gigs/events all over the UK, whether its a themed or corporate event, wedding, festival or a private function.

“Electronix: Eighties Synth Pop tribute band are heading forward into the past recreating the sounds and look of one of the most creative and innovative styles of music that influenced a generation… SYNTH POP” Barry

“Electonix were outstanding and went down an absolute storm. Great set up & sound, amazing vocals and interaction with the crowd and song choice spot-on.”Haven Holidays (Perran Sands)

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“Great gig at Tavistock Wharf, I hope you will be back soon. We are still buzzing from your performance” 
Sooty Batten
As sound engineer for the 80s festival event, I found these so easy and pleasant to work with. An excellent stage presence with a great sound!
Andy Young (80s event sound engineer)
THANK YOU for bringing this wonderful music to our Club, everyone is talking about what a great night they had. Woke up with Kraftwerk and Gary Numan going round in my head, absolutely loved it. Lots of requests of please can we have them back. Yes we definitely will.
Gill Burch (Calstock Social Club)
Fantastic evening….Danced all night, which is unusual for me x Atmosphere was amazing. Thank You!
Debz Jay
Their quality of sound was VERY good and much research and thought has gone into their act  The musical balance of Barry’s bass guitar and Sarah on drums, along with the programmed synth which Barry had also put together, sounded great. Great band!
Beverley Pearce
“Was part of the Tavistock crowd! We loved our trip in the musical time machine!! Stunning night! Thank you xxx” 
Laura Ainsworth
Thought you guys were amazing and awesome my four children and I thought you are fantastic – please come back again, highlight of my weekend.
Annette Karen Lane, 80s Weekend.
What an absolutely phenomenal night. Anyone who was around in the 80’s and this music had a huge influence on them, missed out on a rare treat last night at The Melting Pot, Redruth with this duo, by not coming along. I know my music and cannot fault these two on their dedication to the sound of synthesized music that resonated in that era – Superb! These two are an outstanding duo – faultless! Will be seeing them again in the near future.
Rachel Blyth
These two are an outstanding duo – faultless! Saw them at our local haunt. Will be seeing them again in the near future.
Rachel Blyth
Wouldn’t miss them for the world! They have an extraordinary talent and a passion for what they do that just shines from them.
Mike & Rachel Blyth
80s synth tribute

So what do we sound like…

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Are Friends Electric?

Original Artist: Gary Numan & Tubeway Army

Tainted Love 12″

Orignal Artist: Marc Almond/Soft Cell

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About the Band

Electronix 80's Synth Tribute act

Electronix 80s Synth tribute band have a love and passion for the music and fashion that evolved from the early days of Kraftwerk through to the exuberance of artists such as Erasure and The Pet Shop Boys prompted us to create our own band.


Many hours, days, weeks and months (yes, seriously!) have been spent painstakingly putting together and learning about the equipment and instruments we use to play the music. Coupled with Sarah’s quirky & brilliant fashion sense along with Barry’s willingness to try anything, we are proud to bring you a show filled with the atmosphere and essence of the days of the New Romantics and other new wave artists who created and developed this exciting music genre.

We make all our own tracks and NEVER sample! If we can’t make it… we simply don’t play it! 

80s covers band

BARRY // Lead Vocal, Synthesizers & Bass Guitar

With several hundred years performing in numerous bands under his belt, Barry is now applying his talents to fronting Electronix, providing both the lead vocals and bass guitar on stage in his own quiet and unassuming manner……. Behind the scenes he is responsible for producing all of the synth sounds and music that we perform to, regularly burning the midnight oil and ending up with sore eyes! He has also recently set up a small recording studio in the front room of his house and can sometimes be seen with a pair of headphones on staring clueless at a complex computer screen. Amazingly though, he somehow manages to end up with a recording that is almost enjoyable to listen to……

SARAH // Electronic Drums, Synthesizers & Vocals

Fuelled by Haribo Starmix, caramel latte coffee and KFC cookies, Sarah is the curly haired drumming powerhouse behind Electronix. Do not let her small frame fool you as it is written in local folklore that she is able to carry numerous bags of potatoes on each arm while happily playing a few tunes on her banjo meaning she is more than able to pound out those beats all night long without breaking into a sweat….. Her vocal talents are also the stuff of legend, as her vocal range has the ability to make Jimmy Sommerville sound like an operatic tenor. The harmonies that she provides in Electronix are out of the top drawer and she also sings lead vocal on some Human League songs (although I am still trying to convince her to have a go at Temptation by Heaven 17………)


First and foremost it is important for us to stress that we DO NOT use any sort of recorded backing track or MP3 player. ALL of the music you hear has been programmed on the synth by us in our purpose built studio and then played along to with live instrumentation and vocals at the event. This ensures that all of our performances are full of the energy and excitement that you would expect from a live band.


Stop – Erasure  |  Only You – Yazoo  |  Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Soft Cell  |  Wishing (If I had a photograph of you) – A Flock Of Seagulls  |  The Voice – Ultravox  |  Sometimes – Erasure  |  Like to get to know you well – Howard Jones  |  Talk Talk – Talk Talk  |  Big In Japan – Alphaville  |  Mirror Man – Human League  |  Cars – Gary Numan  |  Temptation – Heaven 17  |  Enjoy the silence – Depeche mode  |  Love Action – Human League  |  Messages – OMD  |  Electricity – OMD  |  Today – Talk Talk  |  Vienna – Ultravox  |  I Ran – A Flock Of Seagulls   |  Here is the news – ELO  |  It’s My Life – Talk Talk  |  Safety Dance – Men Without Hats  |  Shout – Tears For Fears  |  Hold me now – Thompson Twins  |  I want to be free – Toyah  |  New life – Depeche Mode  |  Together in electric dreams – Phil Oakey  |  Sailing on the seven seas – OMD  |  The Model – Kraftwerk  |  Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat  |  It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys  |  A little respect – Erasure  |  Just can’t get enough – Depeche Mode  |  Living on the ceiling – Blancmange  |  Tainted Love – Soft Cell  |  Don’t you want me – Human League  |  Don’t go – Yazoo  |  Mad World – Tears For Fears  |  Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood  |  Fade To Grey – Visage  |  Enola Gay – OMD  |  Bedsitter – Soft Cell  |  Are Friends Electric? – Gary Numan  |  Situation – Yazoo  |  To Cut A Long Story Short – Spandau Ballet  |  Chains Of Love – Erasure  |  Two tribes – Frankie Goes to Hollywood  |  New Song – Howard Jones  |  Planet Earth – Duran Duran  |  Sound of the crowd – Human League…. And MANY MORE!

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80s synth tribute


Festivals, corporate events, weddings, themed events and birthday parties are just some of the events we are happy to provide entertainment for. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to fit in with your plans!

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80s covers band

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Whatever your event is, whether its a 80s themed night, festival, wedding, corporate event, party, or just simply a night of good live music, we will be happy to work with you to ensure that all runs smoothly and that everyone enjoys the whole experience to the full. Please feel free to contact us with details of your proposed event and we will respond as soon as we can. Heres the email address for your convenience: electronixband@gmail.com

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80s covers band

Back to where it all began…

What is Synth Pop?

synth-pop-2For many decades, various electronic instruments have been used to create nique sounds within musical compositions. However, it was with the invention of the Moog (rhymes with ‘vogue’) synthesizer in the very early 1970’s that electronic music was able to place it’s own unique stamp on the music industry. Throughout the 1970’s numerous artists embraced this new instrument and, along with the advent of the sequencer, many hit singles and albums were produced. Notable artists such as Brian Eno, David Bowie, Jean Michel Jarre & Kraftwerk along with many others, developed their musical styles utilising various synthesizers and in some cases created their own versions of the instrument. Towards the end of the decade a group of flamboyant people, many of whom were from within the ‘Punk’ scene, were looking for their own fashion & musical identity. They were identified by their individuality and unique look, wearing costumes and outfits from various eras along with radical facial make-up. synth-pop-1Steve Strange and Rusty Egan (both later from the band Visage) were heavily involved with this group of people and were instrumental in opening the first club catering specifically for them. Rusty was nominated as the DJ but quickly found that his limited record collection was not enough and the music from the thriving ‘Disco’ scene of the time was not what they wanted. Travelling to Europe and discovering the pulsating & hypnotic sounds of the German electronic music scene, Rusty bought a huge collection back with him and they quickly adopted this style of music. They also formed their own bands, Visage being the main one along with  Midge Ure, and began creating electronic (or synth) music of their own. This group of people became known as the New Romantics and, as their popularity spread their style music evolved and many new electronic artists appeared including Depeche Mode, Human League, Gary Numan, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (OMD…!), electronix meets OMDSoft Cell, Heaven 17, Erasure, Eurythmics & The Communards to name but a few…!! Even the likes of Adam Ant, Boy George from Culture Club, Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran were heavily influenced by the New Romantics as is evident by their style of music and fashion. Over the ensuing years even more bands, duos & solo artists used synthesizers as their instruments of choice creating some of the most memorable and exciting music of its time. Today, the synth is one of the most prominent instruments in the pop scene being used to great effect by artists such as Muse, Scissor Sisters, La Roux, Daft Punk and a myriad of others too numerous to mention.

80s covers band


80s synth pop tribute band“We asked Electronix if they would come and play for my 50th Birthday in Oxfordshire. They were so lovely by email we just felt they were the right band for us. We were not disappointed. Barry and Sarah were absolutely tremendous. The music was outstanding with many numbers familiar from the 80’s synth scene, OMD, Spandau Ballet, Gary Numan, Blancmange, Soft Cell, Human League and many more. The dance floor was jumping and everybody was up. For the whole week everyone I have bumped into who was there commented on how excellent Electronix were. The synthesiser music was outstanding, and Barry did justice to every number, he has a good voice that just seems perfect for this type of music. My wife and I waved Barry and Sarah off at 1.30 in the morning – they were driving all the way back to Cornwall. Just lovely people and brilliant musicians, they made the night. I cannot recommend them highly enough (in fact someone in the village has just booked them for later in the year). Thanks folks, you gave us a night to remember!” – Alex David Rogers‎, 2018 Only the best 80s Synth Tribute this side of the Isle of Skye. What you 2 do is epic, everyone I have spoken to who was at the Melting Pot last week (and there has been a lot) thought you were fantastic and can’t wait to see you again. You are on a winner, don’t stop. FANBLOODYTASTIC!” – John Clotworthy (Live Bands Cornwall) “They ABSOLUTELY love you here! Cant wait to have you back!” – Tavistock Wharf “Have to say that I haven’t had a better night out dancing in a long time… atmosphere was brilliant with loads of energy, good vibes and appreciation for a bloody good gig . Thank you” – Debra Lees 


There are some people that, without whom, creating this band would have been a whole heap more difficult and we would like to acknowledge them here : Richie Bolgian – For the fab Photography & Video work. Cosmic Exposure – For the support and wonderful photography Tracey Rickard – For her patience, help & wizardry in developing our website. Plus all the venues that book us and especially all the synth lovers that come to all the gigs!!!